Literacy Central Vancouver Island
Youth Literacy Program

The reality is that young people who face significant literacy challenges in reading, writing and numeracy, are less likely to finish secondary school and are at risk of other personal and social problems.

We believe that youth have the intrinsic abilities necessary to accomplish what they set out to achieve and that they can, with support, achieve their goals.

Our role is to support them in becoming who they are and who they want to be by assisting them with improving their literacy skills.

Who it is for

We support youth who are between ages of 15-30, who are economically disadvantaged and face significant literacy challenges in reading, writing and numeracy.

Referral Process

Youth can be either self-referred or by an agency.

Youth Literacy Tutoring Services

  • The youth needs are assessed and then youth are paired with qualified and criminal background checked tutor volunteer to support them with their general literacy issues.
  • The approach is flexible and adaptable, and with a learner-centered approach that creates autonomy, confidence, and a feeling of achievement.
  • If Youth is under the age of 18, a guardian will be required to be in attendance

Youth Literacy Workshops

  • Literacy workshops will be delivered from September 2019 – August 2020 on topics youth are interested in and may focus on project-based learning.
  • There is no fee for workshops, however Youth are expected to sign up for workshops in advance.

For more information, Please contact:

Samantha Letourneau
Executive Director • Literacy Central Vancouver Island